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Locksmith Training Videos!
If you're interested to train as a locksmith apprentice and learn the basics of locksmith training, you've come to the right place. As an apprentice, you can learn and practice by watching the pro's at work; so we have setup this free videoblog where you can learn the basics of locksmithing just by watching the video lessons in this videoblog.

Locksmithing is a traditional trade, and in some countries requires a person to complete a Locksmithing Apprenticeship. The stage of formal locksmithing education required depends from country to country, from
a simple training certificate given out by an employer, to a full Diploma awarded from an Engineering College in addition to time spent training as an apprentice. This videoblog will always be updated with new videos, so please bookmark this site and return for more free video lessons!

How to Pick Padlocks

Are you trying to unlock padlocks? Jim Koch will show you how to unlock these padlocks in this free video clip with a his help. Jim Koch has been a locksmith for 3 years, a repo man for 5 years, and auto mechanic since he was very young.